Adaptpolis + EUFundImpacts Seminar is aimed at presenting and discussing the intermediate results of two research projects under development at CIAUD/Faculty of Architecture/ULisboa:

> Adaptpolis - Beyond urban fragmentation: infrastructure, landscape and territorial design for Lisbon Metropolitan Area (coord. João Rafael Santos)

> EUFundsImpact - European integration and territory transformation. Public policies for urban and regional planning and the urban organization of Lisbon Metropolitan Area. The case of Sintra municipality from 1991 to 2011 (coord. Leonel Fadigas)

Additionally to the presentations by both projects' teams, guest speakers from FAUL, Sintra Municipality and other Universities will provide specific research insights regarding the understanding of urban and territorial fragmentation as well of design and policy approaches to tackle it.

The Seminar will close with a Conference with keynotes by Prof. Francesc Muñoz (Universidade Autònoma de Barcelona) and by Profs. Teresa Cálix (Faculdade de Arquitetura, Universidade do Porto) and Sara Sucena Garcia (Universidade Fernando Pessoa).

\\\\ Seminar Program here.

\\\\ Adaptpolis Intermediate Report here

\\\\ EUFundsImpact Intermediate Report here

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