Can we imagine smart combinations between spatial development, network cohesion and landscape regeneration?

What can we learn from decoding the processes of urbanization in contemporary metropolises?

Which alternative land-uses and economic rationale can be developed to guarantee financing and feasibility?

Can we link public space requalification, improvement in urban mobility and regeneration of ecological continuities with the rehabilitation of multilayered strata of spatial and social memories?

Find more about our research regarding the processes of urban and territorial fragmentation in Lisbon metropolis.

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> Final Report available here.

> Final Exhibition of design scenarios: 18th Sept – 6th October 2019. Casa da Cultura Lívio de Morais. Mira Sintra.

> Scenarios developed in design studios are available here. They are being further developed as Final Master Projects.

> Adaptpolis + EUFundsImpact Seminar in March 2018. Information and presentations here

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