The project’s team has an extensive background in research concerning the topic, combining approaches from different fields, bringing researchers with vast experience together with younger members (ongoing PhD and Post-Doc research lines).


João Rafael Santos, Arch., Assistant Professor FAUL (coordinator)

Leonel Fadigas, Land. Arch., Associate Professor FAUL

Pedro George, Arch., Associate Professor FAUL

João Pedro Costa, Arch., Assistant Professor FAUL

João Figueira de Sousa, Geographer, Associate Professor FCSHUNL

David Vale, Geographer, Assistant Professor FAUL

Cristina Cavaco, Arch., Assistant Professor FAUL, Under-Director-General DGTerritorio

João Manuel Carvalho, Economist, Assistant Professor FAUL

Jorge Cancela, Landscape Arch., Assistant Professor FAUL

João Leite, Arch., Researcher FAUL

Rita Zina, Arch., PhD Candidate FAUL

João Henriques, Geographer, research fellow




The team is the result of the converging interest and action of partner institutions:

URBinLAB @ FA/CIAUD as a platform of expertise in research and training of architects and urban planners;

FSCH/CICSNOVA as expertise centre in urban dynamics and geography;

The Municipality of Sintra as the local authority responsible for urban planning and territorial development.


This multi-institutional arrangement provides valuable data and expertise and stands as a privileged platform for validation and dissemination of results.