Lisbon’s Metropolitan Area, in general, and Massamá-Cacém, in particular, are the territorial focuses of the research, as they provide substantial societal and scientific interest: are faced with a disruption of its long-standing development model and are shaped by important open space features, raising issues regarding spatial fragmentation, ecological continuity, risk management and resilience.

> the evolution of infrastructural networks
> the evolution of fabrics
> Massamá-Cacém in photos


specific pilot-case in LMA – Massamá-Cacém, in the Municipality of Sintra – is being used as a test-bed for a number of analytical tools, critical assessment procedures, strategy and policy inception and prospective design – all with actor involvement through partnering with local authorities. This site is located in a suburban corridor, 20 km west of Lisbon, in which the research critical issues can be found: a peripheral location originally developed around a suburban railway line, later followed by a metropolitan radial motorway – IC19; low quality residential development, poorly developed network of public space and urban facilities; spatial and scalar fragmentation between urban fabric, open spaces and natural features; poorly integrated mobility networks, with weak links between urban settlement and public transport infrastructures.